Jumpstart STEP

This course is developed as a "bridge course" towards STEP2 and STEP 3. It contains 40 pure maths questions, drawn from past STEP I papers, as well as 15 mixed mechanics and statistics questions. Each question is presented with a full breakdown of hints and video as in the Taster course. And because we really want to support all bright students to move into deeper mathematics, this year we are offering you this course for free. Enjoy!

Who is it suitable for?

This course is most suitable for candidates whose offers include a grade 1 or 2 in either STEP2 or STEP3. It is also suitable for candidates who are now starting to prepare for 2023 admissions. If however you have an offer which requires a grade 1 or better in both STEP papers and you are already able to tackle STEP2 questions with confidence, then perhaps this course is a little easy and we would encourage you to focus on harder questions from STEP2 and STEP3. This said, if you wish to sign up, you are welcome to do so.

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